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Dr. Todd Watts

Dr. Todd Watts

D.C., PSc.D.

Dr. Todd A. Watts is a national board certified Chiropractic Physician in Idaho, a Functional Wellness Practitioner and is licensed with the Pastoral Medical Association.

Dr. Watts’ passion for helping others restore their health so that they can live their true purpose stems from his journey in overcoming his health struggles. His journey began at the age of 28 when he had Epstein Barr Virus and by the time he was 40 he struggled with arthritic pain in his hands, wrists, low back and shoulders, along with chronic headaches and muscle tightness in neck, shoulders and back. He also struggled with food and seasonal allergies, chronic fatigue, night sweats, muscle fatigue and twitches, brain fog and memory issues. Attending a medical conference on Lyme disease, he identified with many of the symptoms of Lyme and its coinfections. He later tested positive with a blood test for a chronic Lyme infection. On his journey with treating Lyme disease, he seemed to go through cyclical patterns of feeling good and then crashing. He met another practitioner who told him he had parasites which was causing many of his symptoms as well as the cyclical pattern. Having gone through many Lyme protocols, he realized that addressing the parasites was vital in overcoming the Lyme disease and the rest of his symptoms.

Today, Dr. Watts feels great and has sustained energy to allow him to help others, enjoy time with his family, and live his true purpose. ​ The turning point for him occurred one evening when he pulled into the driveway and watched his 5 year old son and 9 year old daughter playing baseball with the neighbor realizing that he had never done this with his kids because of his lack of energy and motivation. The first time his son and daughter hit a ball was with someone else. He was missing out in life. He was not being the father and husband that he had always dreamed of. At that point he realized that he had to do whatever it took to overcome his health issues. ​ Dr. Watts is happily married with four amazing children.

Dr. Watts’ professional and post-doctorate training includes True Cellular Healing, Chiropractic Plus Kinesiology, Applied Kinesiology, Clinical Kinesiology, Neuromodulation Technique, Acupuncture, Bio-resonance Therapy, Sacro-occipital Technique (SOT), Nutrition, Medical IV Infusion Therapy,and Live Cell Microscopy. He has taken courses on Mastering Functional Blood Chemistry, Mastering Thyroid, Mastering Brain Chemistry, The Neuroendocrine Immunology of Environmental Triggers, and has trained with several Lyme disease and parasitology experts.

Dr. Randy Michaux

Dr. Randy Michaux

D.C., PSc.D.

For years, I suffered from frequent debilitating migraines. I like many others thought they were normal and that everyone had migraines. Soon after opening my chiropractic office my health worsened. Over the course of several months I dropped nearly 30 pounds, all unwanted weight loss. My migraines were now multiple times a week and at times I had to close my practice because I was unable to function.

Through a series of testing I learned that I was not digesting nutrients and had many biomarkers indicating potential colon cancer. This was a major wake - up call. My biological grandfather and aunt both died of colon cancer. I remember tears streaming down my wife’s face as the naturopath shared this information. I decided I would do whatever it takes to restore my health.

This was a major step forward and turned out to be the beginning of growth and change, both physically and mentally.

In 2014 my dad died of colon cancer at the young age of 69, only 2 months after the initial diagnosis. I recognized that there were things I didn’t know that I absolutely needed to know. In some regards I felt responsible for not knowing enough to prevent this. I began asking questions like what do I need to learn? Where can I find the answers? Who can I learn from?

Life’s answers never come in the form or shape we think they will. Shortly after my Dad’s death my sister became chronically ill with debilitating fatigue, anxiety, depression, and more. Our searching led us to meet Dr. Todd Watts. I remember reading about him on his website and told my mom and sister that this is who you have to see. He is the only one that I can find that understands chronic disease.

I followed the treatment of my sister for the next year and discovered and learned the detrimental affects that parasites and chronic infections have in the body. I read everything Dr. Watts sent me, which led to more questions. More reading. More studying. Led me to learn the effect of infections, toxins, and emotional toxicity from the best doctors and experts in the field and how to address them.

Ultimately, Dr. Watts asked me to join him in Idaho. It was the next step and the entire process has and continues to help me follow my passion to help others discover their inner strength and live to their highest potential.

Dr. Dan Nuzum

Dr. Dan Nuzum

Doctor of Traditional Medicine CV:Naturopath,
Osteopath, Oriental Medicine,
Ph.D. Indigenous Medicine Spirit Way Medicine Society

Dr. Daniel Nuzum is a seasoned and dedicated medical professional with proven expertise and demonstrated success as has graduated from various Medical schools with the titles of Doctor of Osteopathy, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, Doctor of Indigenous Medicine, and a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, and a researcher and formulator for Dr. Nuzum’s Nutraceuticals.

A pioneer in the industry and an expert in Naturopathic medicine with immense field-work experience, substantial research contributions, and significant private practice experience in which he has treated more than 15,000 patients throughout his dynamic and comprehensive career, Dr. Nuzum exceeds what it means to be an industry leading practitioner.

With a background that extends all throughout natural medicine, Dr. Nuzum has spent much of his life working towards becoming a comprehensive physician in the alternative medicine field. Growing up in a home where his parents believed in the power of natural medicine, he was exposed to the concept at a young age. And serving as an assistant to his parents who went on to adopt 32 special needs children throughout his childhood, Dr. Nuzum frequently helped his parents to provide natural medical treatments like physical therapy, care giving, and thoughtful meal preparation. In addition, he would often procure tinctures and herbal supplements for his adopted brothers and sisters.

As he transitioned into adulthood, the choice to pursue natural medicine was easy. Dr. Nuzum entered into Naturopathic medical school in Mexico in 1994 and graduated in 2000. After completing nearly 3200 hours of clinical internship work, he received his license as a Naturopathic physician. While completing his studies, Dr. Nuzum worked in 8 different clinics within Mexico.

Shortly thereafter, Dr. Nuzum returned to the United States with his wife to join a Naturopathic medical school in Ohio as a student/professor. In addition, he served as the Clinical Director of the school’s clinical program. Dr. Nuzum went on to serve in this position for seven years, while working towards a double Ph.D. in Naturopathic Medicine and Mechanotherapy, and Natural Medicine.

From there, Dr. Nuzum went on to further pursue studies at the Panam University in St. Kitts, West Indies, where he would complete his studies in manual osteopathy, natural medicine, indigenous medicine, oriental medicine, and monastic medicine. It was here that Dr. Nuzum also received his third and fourth Ph.D. in Indigenous Medicine and Monastic Medicine from Panam University. However, not completely satisfied with his level of education and academic rigor just yet, Dr. Nuzum went on to enroll in a fifth Ph.D. program at the National University of Medical Sciences, where he went on to receive another Ph.D. in Osteopathic Physical Medicine and Clinical Rehabilitation in 2019.

While satisfied with his academic achievements thus far, Dr. Nuzum wanted to continue on with his spiritual and religious studies. In 2017, he enrolled in the Word of God International Seminary, with the goal of completing his studies in Theology. He graduated in 2018 and is now a licensed SCNRFP physician and serves as the Nation’s Minister of Health.

It’s no secret that Dr. Nuzum’s academic record is exceptionally rigorous, highly reputable, and extremely impressive. Additionally, his professional experience parallels his academic achievements, in that it is through his professional experiences that Dr. Nuzum was able to inform his academic interests. Not one to shy away from the opportunity to further his knowledge and develop his practice, Dr. Nuzum is consistently motivated not by what he knows, but by what he does not know.

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