Mother Earth Labs GI UltraMax

Mother Earth Labs GI UltraMax

GI UltraMax Pro® Formula was developed to help provide the tools necessary to support a healthy GI Tract and Microbiome. With its researched and clinically-proven ingredients, GI UltraMax Pro® Formula supports these important aspects of GI health:

Health Weight Management, Satiety support (feeling full and not hungry) with soluble fiber. Craving reduction for fatty or unhealthy foods by promoting a more balanced healthy GI bacteria flora.

Health for Leaky Gut with ingredients proven to support Intestinal Wall Integrity, Endothelial Tight Junction Function, and Health Mucosal Barrier Environment.

Stress Management Support with proven adaptogens.

Immune System Support strengthening immune response and modulation in the GI tract and throughout the body.

Powerful Prebiotic fibers with the stability necessary to feed and promote “good bacteria” colonies which support a balanced, healthy GI bacterial microflora.

Anti-Inflammatory ingredients to help soothe and calm inflammation in the GI tract and throughout the body as Inflammation may promote chronic disease.

Potent Antioxidants to help combat Destructive “Free Radicals” and Oxidative Stress that can promote inflammation and chronic disease.

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